We display your ads on Google, Bing, Yandex, Facebook, and Instagram

Advertising your business on our network is easier, faster, and cheaper than relying on organic search traffic and SEO.

Web Traffic Ads

Start Getting Better Web & Mobile Traffic Today

Be seen by customers while they’re browsing the web. If your goal is to bring in more website traffic or improve online sales, we can help!  Gain access to a massive new online audience and generate quality traffic for your website. We will display your ads on google, bing, yandex, facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc…

Our Main Services

Ads Service

We will advertise your business for you. You will get real traffic to your website or social media pages. Ads pricing begins from $54

SEO Service

Stop Hiring Cheap Monkeys, Our Professionals Deliver Results. We work hard to ensure high-quality web traffic. Our SEO pricing begins from $80

Web Development

We create all kinds of websites ranging from business to non-profit websites.  You can get a website for $100 and above.

Website Maintenance

This involves updating the design and content, checking the speed, running security scans, analyzing website statistics,  etc

Grow Your Business With Web Traffic Ads

Get your website in-front of high-quality, targeted visitors using our powerful advertising platform. As a traffic supplier, we make it easier for you to get targeted traffic by letting you promote your website or social media page on our network.

Web Traffic Ads

Easy Ads Creation

At Web Traffic Ads, we give you the tools needed to create your own ads, simply enter your website address or social media link & targeting choices after ordering. We will send thousands of real customers to your business.

Good Results means

You will get thousands of real visitors to your business

Get Connected

Get connected to the most recognized brands in the world

Massive Audience

Gain access to a massive new online audience and generate quality traffic.


You will be able to analyze the performance of your ads.

Social media Integration

We advertise your business in almost every social media platform.


Use a full suite of precise targeting features to reach your market of choice

Android and iOS

Your ads will display on all mobile devices including androids and IOS

Good performance

Tear down the creative barriers that come with traditional advertising

Ads Duration

Your ads will run for as long as you want.

Support and upgrades

Benefit from our unparalleled customer support, 24/7/365

Web Traffic Ads

Why You Should Run Ads Through Our Service?

Running your ads through our network to get web traffic is a fast, easy, and safe way to get real people on your site. The benefit of advertising your business is you could be driving visitors to your website or social media page within a matter of minutes, compared to the slow process of working on growing your organic visitors via SEO. We recommend all websites try as many ways as possible to increase quality visitors to their sites.

Our Clients

Web Traffic Ads reviews

Our platform lets you target from over 400 different Demographics, Devices, countries, cities & states at no extra cost. Looking for mobile visitors only or a mix of both? Our platform lets you choose the type of visitor you want on your website.

You did a great job to promote our business. We had over 300,000 visitors on our website and we made great sales as a result of that. We got highly targeted traffic at a great price too.

Robert Davidson

Works at Hanover Shoe

I am very pleased with the traffic i get here. We have gained new customers and we keep on gaining them. My company will remain a regular customer to Web Traffic Ads. This is indeed a good deal for us.

Sally Watkins

Works at McMahan's Furniture

Bring Thousands of customers to your business today.

Our platform uses smart AI to automatically select the best demographic from a database of over 800 different options. This makes running campaigns on our network extremely easy. You can target visitors by Country, State, City, product & service to really drill down and find those visitors that you need!

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