Best Paid Traffic

Our Alexa Traffic consists of high quality Alexa visitors, designed with one goal in mind, to raise your Alexa ranking. Each visitor that comes to your site is guaranteed to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their machine. Our state of the art filtering system can detect the presence of the Alexa toolbar from any visitor in our network of over thousands of websites.

When the Alexa toolbar is detected, these users are served only ads from our Alexa advertising pool. This means that 100% of every visitor you receive will help to increase your Alexa ranking on a daily basis.

The Continuous SEO Friendly HQ PR TRAFFIC with Low Bounce rate and High Duration will help to Boost Your Ranking In Alexa and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) In Google,yahoo,Bing, etc…

Is Your Traffic AdSense safe?
Ans – Yes. 100% Safe

What is the bounce rate?
Ans – Less than 35%

What is average stay time duration?
Ans – High Stay Time Duration – Average 1 min+

Is your Traffic Track able in Google Analytics ?
Ans- Yes 100% will track , there will be impressions 3 times more than Sessions and Users

Can we get Adsense Clicks through this package?
we are not guaranteed for clicks

Is this possible to Target Country?
In this package we can’t target country and our default country will be USA.

Can we split total traffic into different sites or pages?
Yes – In this package you can split upto 3 links

Will you provide Adult Traffic?
Ans – No (Also traffic will not provide for YouTube videos, adfly, signup, affiliate links)

How much time will you take to start order?

Ans- Express Fast. Maximum within 48 Hours !!

You can track by Google Analytics with Real Time (I will provide unique or tracking link to check your traffic details)
TRAFFIC will be spread for the whole day (not only specific hours in a day)
100% safe from Penguin, Panda and latest Hummingbird
Not Guaranteed Sales or Adsense Clicks or Signups or Referrals.

Best Paid Traffic

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