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Buy an already made web Site and start making money

When buying websites from us, we have done extensive due diligence on the site so you know you are buying a quality site that will not crash weeks after buying them. Our sites, along with the discounted coaching calls can help you start to gain some financial freedom by adding a site that is already making money to your portfolio.

These sites are for people who:

  • Want to have extra income from a business they run
  • Are going to spend time growing their site/business
  • Some knowledge or desire/ability to gain knowledge of online marketing

Benefits of Buying a Site from Us

Only Quality Sites

Our sites have been vetted by people who have been in the space for many years, so when you buy a site you know you are buying something that won’t crash a few weeks after purchase.

Market Prices

The sites we sell are listed at fair market value so you won’t be overpaying or getting into bidding wars over the sites.

Profitable Websites

We only sell profitable websites that will have you generating a return month 1.

Discounted Coaching Calls

We want you to succeed and we want to help. When you purchase a site, you will have the opportunity to have coaching calls with our knowledgable team at a reduced price.

Types of Sites We Sell

There are two types of sites we list on our listing page: Our Portfolio Sites and Marketplace sites. All sites have been through the exact same due diligence process.

Discounted Services

We have partnered up with some of the best services to help you grow your site, and what’s even better is we got you exclusive discounts.

What Do Our Badges Mean?

Marketplace Listing

When you see this badge, it means that this site is for sale by a seller that is not us. The site went through our complete due diligence process and sometimes we have too many good sites that we can purchase or the seller wants to hold for a little bit longer. When you buy these sites the transfer time is a bit slower than the portfolio sites and may take up to 10 days.

Portfolio Listing

When you see this badge, it means that we bought this site directly from the old seller and we currently own it. Before purchasing the site went through an extensive due diligence process. When you buy these sites, the transfer time is quicker than the marketplace sites, and takes around 5 days to transfer.

Dutch Auction

When you see this badge on our sites available page or on the listing pages, this means that the site is using a Dutch Auction. This means that the site will be set at a starting price, and at a set timer, the site price will go down by a certain price. The timer and the amount the site goes decreases by will be listed on the listing pages of each of the sites that are using this pricing system.

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