How it works

What is an Ads?

An ad is a type of online advertising developed by a team of experts. When you advertise with us, you can choose exactly which customers you want to target and reach them right when they’re searching for the products and services you offer. You decide exactly how much you want to spend on your search ads, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. Google search ads are a proven way to build awareness and drive traffic to your website.

You don’t need to have a Google Ads account before using Web Traffic Ads. We’ll either help you create a new account or link to an existing one. Through Web Traffic Ads’ simple interface, you’ll be able to create new Search Ads campaigns. We ask you where you want your ads to be shown and to what people, what budget limitations you’d like to set, and what kind of copy you want with your ads. Google Ads is all about choosing the right keywords, but you don’t have to worry about coming up with a list – we’ll make it for you. Setting up a Google Ads campaign takes just a few minutes.

Target by geographic location

Get your ads in front of potential customers who are near your shop by geo-targeting your search ads. Target your ads to appear in specific geographic locations such as countries, a radius around a location, places of interest, or your business locations.

Only reach people with high purchase intent

Because you choose the keywords for your ads, you only get traffic from users who are actively searching for those keywords. These people have a higher intent to purchase because they’re looking for something very specific, making it more likely that they end up buying it from you after seeing your ads.


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